17.1" Cannon bones & 13.25" around knee.

Currently 16.1 hand.
He is out of Ransom & Beth (Belgium Mare).
Beautiful red chestnut with blonde mane & tail.
 He is doing well at tying, leading, picking feet up, lunging, and long line. He is going to be started under saddle on 7-15-06 and will be in training for 30 days. He has a very calm & non aggressive or spooky  personality. He enjoys being worked with & seems to catch on quickly to new cues. He loves to jump & as long as the jump remains in the arena he will freely jump it with no hesitation.

Shown below at 5 years old with winter fuzz

Shown below at 3 years old

Shown below at 2.5 years old (jumps are set at 2'6")

Shown below at 22 months old.

Shown below at 14 months old.





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