Formerly Known as Valiant
18" Cannon bones & 12" around knee.


Currently standing 16.2 hands.
He is out of Abe Von Reh & Snow Creek.
 His front leg from middle of knee to coronet band measured 16.5 inches at 4 weeks old.
He is very elegant, athletic and curious. This is a very powerful rear end mover with plenty of bounce and floatation. He is breath taking to watch when he trots. 

He has a 2005 full sister Avril Von Reh
He has a 2006 full brother Shaq
He has a 2007 full Sister Genevieve

Shown below at 5 years old

Shown below at 4 years old

Shown below at 3 years old with new owner



Shown below at 20 months old


Shown below at 10 months old.

Shown below at 7 months old.

Shown below at 5 weeks old









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