Client Feedback


April 2014  

Elysium Farm in Pembroke, KY is a wonderful place for learning to ride to learning everything about equine behavior and care. Elysium Farm does boarding, and also provides stallion on-site breeding
service via Caroline's gorgeous Friesian stallion, Abe Von Reh.

I hired Caroline to train my very wild mare, Dancer, in 2012. Dancer was totally out of control and at
8 years old had never been ridden. Dancer had pretty much been a companion to an older horse that I owned and rode. When my old Appaloosa, Cochise, passed away at age 28, I needed to do something with Dancer. The choices were either to try to train her myself, of which I had no time for, sell her,
or find someone that could train her. It was the best thing I could have done for not only Dancer but for myself.

I thought I knew about horses. After taking lessons with Caroline, I learned that I knew absolutely nothing! My interface with Dancer became a wonderful experience whereas before Caroline got a hold
of her, she was a willful, disobedient, scary animal. I really didn't like her at all. Now she is a sweetheart and knows how to behave. Caroline was firm, but patient and good with Dancer, which was exactly what she needed. 

I took riding lessons from Caroline for almost a year. I had ridden western style as a youth and had participated in 4-H equine programs and pole bending at local youth rodeos. As I progressed with Caroline, I learned that what I thought I new from those days was really bogus. Caroline teaches total horse care, not just how to ride one. While I was one of her oldest students at age 56, I also watched
her teach a 4 year old and her patience and diligence with that child was wonderful to watch. She also worked with a child that was mildly autistic and the results were wonderful to watch as that child blossomed as he interacted with her and with the horses. 

Her teaching style is firm but very fair and the kids I observed seemed to enjoy the learning experience
as well as benefited in other areas of their lives from their interaction with her.

Dancer "lived" at Caroline's for the year I was taking lessons. Her boarding time there showed her to be very well taken care of. The stalls were kept clean, Dancer was clean, and was taught good "manners" while she was there; something that I was much appreciative of, especially when I brought her home. 

We tried breeding Dancer, who is 95% Foundation Quarter Horse, to her Friesian Stallion, Abe Von Reh, but Dancer, being almost 9 years old, proved to be a maiden mare and both Caroline and I were much saddened that she didn't take. Many attempts were taken to breed her but sadly, it was not to be.

I purchased a 3/4 Arabian / 1/4 Hanoverian mare from Caroline, with a barn name of Dream toward the end of my year of lessons, and she was bred to Abe. In June of 2013 she gave birth to a beautiful colt of whom I named Athelstan. He will be gelded and registered as a Friesian Sport Horse soon.

Enough cannot be said about Elysium Farm and Caroline's management of it. Caroline is a true
horseman, dedicated to her horses and to the education of those that want to work with them. And Abe
is the most beautiful animal I have ever seen!!!! He has beautiful babies. Our little Athelstan has a lot of his daddy's traits - the best of which is his curiosity and good nature.

If you are looking to learn: Elysium Farm has the best in Caroline Jones, who knows how to show you how to be a whole horse person. 

If you are looking for a stallion to breed your mare: Abe Von Reh is a registered Friesian stallion that
can't be beat if you want to raise a Friesian Sport Horse. 

If you need to board your horse: Elysium Farm will take great care of your horse with good nutrition, great care, and attention. I am a true believer in what Caroline Jones has to offer and I thank her from
the bottom of my heart for all that she has shown and taught me.

Blye M. Wardlaw
Dover, TN



February 1, 2013
To anyone thinking about purchasing a horse from Elysium Farm, please read on.

It had been my dream for quite some time, to own a horse from as close to new born as possible and raise and train personally. In the spring of 2012, I was finally ready to pursue that dream. After researching the breed of horse that best suited my goals, I began looking for a Frisian X.
I eventually found Caroline Jones' web site and to my surprise, a colt had just been born in April and was available for purchase. ( Coeur De Lion or LEO ) It was love at first site.
I was a bit unsure how it would all work out but emailed Caroline to get the ball rolling. I had never purchased an animal online and had a few misgivings.
She replied right away and said that before we went much further, she'd need to speak with me personally over the phone and ask me some questions.
My initial reactions was "ask me questions? I'm the buyer $, shouldn't I be doing the questioning? Well that was foolish thinking simply put. Caroline's thoughts for all her animals well-being was and is her primary concern.
Her questions helped her determine my suitability as an owner of one of her charges, thankfully I made the grade. :)
From the very beginning, Caroline has been nothing but incredibly professional, extremely knowledgeable and has become the bench mark for all others to follow.
Caroline walked me through every aspect of what I could expect during the process, from his weaning and initial shot's to transportation and resettlement needs. She was also very helpful with information and ideas, allowing me to comfortably make some key decisions. She helped with Vet coordination along with paperwork needed prior to transportation. Much of it alien to me as I had never purchased out of state. She also allowed me to make payments which I am very thankful for, I probably could not have done it otherwise. Thanks Caroline!
When LEO finally arrived here in California, I could not have been more pleased. Leo is everything she said he would be and more. She had told me that Abe Von Reh foals were all very well tempered, well it's one thing to hear that from the seller and another to hear it from everyone that meets LEO. They are universally impressed with his disposition/ temperament as well as his form when strutting about in the ring. Not to mention his beautiful good looks! I could not be more proud.
It will be some time before I sit on LEO's back for the first time, but I'm happy in the knowledge that I have Caroline just a phone call away should anything come up.
Thank you Caroline for helping to make this dream come true!!!!!

Sincerely Yours J.McDougall Covelo, California.



May 5, 2012
I board my TB gelding with Elysium Farms. I have boarded there for about 4 months so far and my time there as been the most enjoyable. When I bought my horse Crixsus, he was under pounds and needed specialized attention to get him healthy again. Caroline was right there with me every step of the way and has never let me down! She suggested the vet an farrier she uses and now his feet are perfect and he has gained all his weight back that he needed without any medication. She uses the best grain and hay and she fits everyone's needs to them. I realized every horse on her farm had their own care plan and not just grouped together and all got the same sized food and treatment. On days I have not been able to go out there, she has taken her own time to groom and bath my horse which shows she not only cares for the well-being of each horse, but also shows me that she has a true passion for what she does. If I ever have a question or a concern she has always been available to reach and treats me like I am of the utmost importance, which is outstanding in itself.. Not only has she been a wonderful person to board with but her knowledge about horses in general has been off the charts.
As a new horse owner, I have learned a lot, not only just about my horse but in horses in general. The best thing I like about Elysium Farms is the privacy I can enjoy while I am there! There is not a bunch of people buzzing around or bugging you while you are there. I can walk up to my stall and have a nice quite, quality time with my horse without interruption. She respects any requests you may have such as privacy and information. For example, if I tell her that I do not want my horses personal health information talked about or anyone touching my horse but her, it is granted. It is a wonderful, calm place I can work with my horse and feel completely comfortable in. She not only cares about the horse but the owner as well. She gets a hold of you when she has a question or concern and she works with you whatever the case maybe. She (in many of her wonderful qualities) also encourages you to come out as often as you can. Whenever I run into her she always asks me if I have stopped out at the farm! Which makes me feel like I as well as my horse are wanted an welcome there! It is a very at home-place. If I just want to get away from the world and watch the horses and just relax, she has never had a problem with me doing so. You get what you pay for and so much more along the way! The stalls are always clean and everything is in its place. I sincerely could not think of a better place for my horse and I to be!




November 8, 2011
Alexia is doing great. She has a sweet and wonderful personality and curious about everything. It was pretty funny when she first met Chucky the boar. She spooked at first but then turned right around to go investigate and then proceeded to harass him. LOL Everybody here likes her a lot. I've been working with her a quite a bit and she has calmed down. Her and Bella have become fast friends which I'm surprised at because Bella can be a grouch sometimes. Alexia's charm must be working on her.
I am going to have to get her some toys to play with. She decided that the water tub in the pasture would be a great toy. Needless to say, all the girls had a blast playing in the new water whole that was created. I think that you are right about getting her a ball. She plays with everything and such a smart girl.
Mike the farrier came out the other day to look at her and said that her feet look fine and nothing needs to be done with her at this point.
Caroline, I want to thank you again. Alexia is a wonderful horse and just what I wanted. You helped make the transaction so easy and everything went smooth as silk. Whenever someone asks me about where Alexia came from I tell them about you and give them your website. Tammy was great with the transport and a really nice woman. Thanks for recommending her.
I will keep you updated on Alexia. We will be doing our first dressage lesson this month.

Thanks again Lori


April 10, 2011

I was very pleased with mine and my family's experience in purchasing our Morgan pony, Tahoe, from Caroline Jones.  Probably what stood out the most to me was Caroline's concern that she place her horse in the right home, with the right person, rather than simply to "make a sale".  I also appreciated how friendly she was, and easily accessible in answering all my questions and telling me more about Tahoe, whether by phone or by email.  Her horses were all well cared for and I was impressed by my mare's manners and careful training that were evident when I rode her at Elysium Farm.  Tahoe is all that Caroline represented her to be, and I and my family are thrilled with her!  I expect to have many years of enjoyment out of her, and I thank Caroline for making this a great experience! 



December 22, 2010 
I just wanted to send you an update about Lacey that you could use for your website if you would like. I have had Lacey since May, and I absolutely love her. She is everything you had represented her to be, and more! She is like a gigantic puppy dog. As you know, she is presently at a therapeutic riding facility for handicapped/special needs children until next breeding season. She has been "adopted" by my friend's special needs 14 year old son. Even though he is 14 years old, he is about the size of an average 8 year old. Lacey has been soooo good with him and all the other children/young adults, as if she knows they need special care/attention. I can only hope that when I breed her next year, that she passes this same disposition on to her foal.  I have attached a few pictures - one of her with my friend's son Brayden and one of her with her "friends" (she is pretty much the Alpha female). As for Tequila, I am definitely going to be talking to my friend. Even though you are hundreds of miles away, because of my previous buying experience with you, I would never hesitate to by a horse from you, sight unseen. As always, if you ever need any references, or if anyone has any questions, please feel free to have them call me.  Have a wonderful Christmas! Try to stay warm!
Nicole Snyder





October 8, 2010 
Hi Caroline! I hope you are doing well.  I wanted to give you a note just to tell you how well Damascus is doing.  We got him under saddle, just at the walk, just about 2 weeks ago.  He is doing amazing.  I will be posting video on my youtube account within the next couple of weeks so you can see him.  He did so awesome... no buck or spook or silliness.. he was just completely amazing, cautious, smart about the whole thing.  Joyce has walked him around three times so far.  He's standing quietly to mount, steering, backing, walking wonderfully.  We've done so much groundwork with him that it almost seemed to come as no big deal to him, plus we let him see us riding the other horses.  He is absolutely gorgeous... about 16H right now, solid bones, and he is so athletic.  He can free jump the moon, I am guessing, we've only tried crossrails, and he tucks himself right up and has wonderful form.  His movement is amazing. We are going to have the most amazing ride in Damascus and I just wanted to let you know! I'll email you when I get video up.  Best, Andrea



July 2, 2010 
As a competitive jouster I was devastated at the loss of my warmblood partner, Duke.  I was fortunate enough to run across a sale add from Caroline at Elysium Farms for a beautiful Shire mare, Dawn. 
    On the phone, Caroline was friendly and answered all of my questions in a professional manner.  She helped us through every step of the purchasing process.  She kept us informed about the horse's health and any matters pertaining to Dawn from day one.
    When we arrived to pick up Dawn, I was impressed.  The animals were all well fed and clean.  The barn was cleaner than any I've been in for several years.  The horses were all friendly and ready to greet us which showed the most important thing.  They had been living with someone who loved them.
     I am proud to say that Dawn is living up to everything we were told and more.  She has taken over our herd as lead mare and she has become a member of the family.  Thanks to Caroline, Dawn is helping us heal after losing Duke.  If she continues to  learn as quickly as she has been, she might even help me win a few competitions.
      I would highly recommend Elysium Farms and the quality animals that they sell.  We will be doing more business with them in the future.
                                         Robert Welch


June 1, 2010 
I just wanted to send you a message that you can feel free to use in your reference section.
As you may know, my first purchase of a horse over the internet, sight-unseen, did not go well. I purchased an un-raced Thoroughbred out of Las Vegas, that I had intended to use for pleasure riding, and possibly some hunter/jumper classes. The lady assured me that he was absolutely "bomb-proof". When he arrived in Texas, he was as beautiful as in the pictures, but his personality was nothing like I had been told. The lady even lied to me. She told me that she had purchased him from New York for $10,000. I later found out that she got him from a TB rescue. It didn't take long before I had to sell him, at an incredible financial loss. He wasn't fun to be around and our personalities clashed greatly. I sold him to a trainer, who said she was going to work with him as a dressage horse...
After this whole experience, you can imagine my hesitation about buying another horse online without first going to see it. Unfortunately my work schedule prohibited me from traveling.
I had always dreamed of owning a Friesian or Friesian-cross, but did not have the kind of funds for the price tag attached to most Friesians. I had also recently fallen in love with the draft horse, after riding my friend's Belgian, so imagine my delight when I found out that Lacey (a Percheron) was in foal to a Friesian! Although I couldn't come to Kentucky to meet her, after seeing the pictures of her and her beautiful offspring, I knew there was something special about her.
Not to mention the fact that you are such a wonderful person to work with! You worked with me on a payment arrangement which was extremely helpful. You calmed all my nerves and I felt completely comfortable in making my purchase.  I knew that Lacey was coming from a wonderful home.
It is going on two weeks now since Lacey arrived at her new home in Texas. Everyone at the barn absolutely loves her and comments on how beautiful she is. The little kids say that she looks like a "fairy-tale" horse from "Cinderella". This past weekend I took her to a natural horsemanship clinic with Logan Leach. You told me that you had not ridden her in the 8 years you had her and were not sure what her riding experience was. She took the saddle and bridle with no problems. When I mounted to ride, she just stood there. Without a buck or a rear, we were off walking, trotting, and loping with the rest of the horses in the class. Someone at the clinic even offered to buy her from me, to which I quickly replied that "she is not for sale". I am so excited to have purchased Lacey. She is an amazing mare, and I am looking forward to meeting her beautiful baby sometime next year. I will send you a few pictures from this past weekend and also keep you updated on her pregnancy. As I
  said, if anyone has any questions, or comments, feel free to give them my email or phone number. I would be happy to tell them about my wonderful experience with you and Elysium Farm!




Thought you might want to know how Paladine of Elysium is doing. He and Rachle Owens placed 5th in the USDF/USEF Region 3 Championship in Training level JR/YR division. The scores between 2nd place and 5th were just one point, so we were close to second. He and Rachel came in 1st (Champion) in the JR/YR and Open training level for the FSHR all breeds USDF award. We expect they will place first for the GDCTA Jr/YR USDF Training this year. We will know by end of January. Paladine's barn name is Moose. He is a fabulous horse and a wonderful companion. We love him so much!




Hi Caroline................. we are......................How do I even begin this letter of "Thanks" for all you have done to make this transition and experience so incredibly wonderful?
As you know the "Gang" arrived on Sunday...LEGS, GENEVIEVE and SAPHIRA.  I'm not sure that I even slept the night before....but we were there at 7 a.m. when they arrived.....Coffee and camera in hand...........We had never "met" them in person, and only had your updates, stories and pictures to get to know them..............So I will be honest, there was a little apprehension if I had done the right thing.
Well..................Down went the ramp...... a little whinny and they opened the Gate.
First came Saphira......14 months old and as calm and cool as she could be........My jaw dropped...."OK"....I thought,...."this is way too good to be true, she is Beautiful!"....She looked like a little bear!
Second came Genevieve......2.5 years old....Strutting her "stuff" as though she had been here her whole life.........All I kept repeating was....O......M......G!!.........Her Beauty was just oozing...the wind was blowing her mane...her massive tail...swished behind her....All I could picture was a Princess stepping out of her carriage........she is just amazing to watch.
and then there he was.....LEGS...the guy who started our whole relationship together........all I could see was tail and more they backed him out you could have knocked me over...Here was this Beautiful, Calm, Composed Gentle Giant.....literally everyone just stopped and stared..........Talk about your Equine Overload!!!........Not 1, but 3 beautiful horse's and their MINE!! 
I have never felt so sure, and so confident that I had made the right choice in all of my life.
It's been just a few days now and have literally spent every waking moment at the barn.......albeit some ugly weather here now....they have settled in.........we've gone for some walks.........some bonding time...some brushing of the thickest, longest manes and tails I've ever seen...(we're considering getting our QH extensions, so he doesn't feel left out!).........and I even got to sit with Saphira while she laid in her stall the other night..................just chit chattin'....rubbing her neck.......she was just so relaxed...Genevieve is right next store, so she can look over and keep an eye on her and directly across is Legs and Troy watching over them both.
We have been through a very long journey together to reach this point.............and you did not disappoint. I'm not sure how you do what it "is" you do...............but, please continue to do "it". You raise some amazing babies. The best of this, is that you keep the door open and want to know how they are doing,........want to see pictures.......will answer questions.............It's not a Sell, Sale, Sold and you're gone......That to me speaks volumes..
If you do post this as a "Comment" and please do...........................I would not hesitate to purchase another horse from you...( don't get any ideas!).......Let me actually rephrase that...I am confident that we will be buying from you again.
Many, many Thanks Caroline..............I have the most amazing Journey ahead of me and I cannot wait for tomorrow to start, so that I can be out there again with them. 

My best to you,

J&J and the Gang!


8-13-2009  This is "Felix" renamed by owner as "Bay Breeze"

First, let me start that you will not find a horse like this anywhere. Took me three yrs. to find him and I have him since he's weaned off his mamma. A registered Friesian Appendix cross Sport Horse will mature between 16.2 and 17h. Turning 3 this Sept. '09. Tri Color Pinto Friesian x with Appendix (Hard to find one like this with color, breeding, bone & Brain. Yes, he has good looks, a Brain and a Foundation at such a young age to be only envied by everyone wishing they had a horse started like this one. He's only getting better with our changing work. Bay Breeze will start showing Dressage this October. 
 This horse is named after my place because he will totally represent what I set out to accomplish. He's a unique find. The warmblood with color, the body for athleticism, the looks that will knock you and the movement that's breathtaking. He is magnificent, hands down. He already has more of a foundation and experiences than horses 2x's his age. . . .He's not pounded by all means, he's just well socialized and everything was done with fun and confidence. He's bold and will not refuse your cues. 
 Bay Breeze is a natural jumper. He jumped over a 4' fence as a yearling wanting to follow me riding his buddy and that's enough said. When he trots, the extension is magnificent. His tail is up, his head and neck arch to perfection. He's a Bay
tobiano with markings that are so pretty and in all the right places. The four white socks will be a flash to see at a show. This boy will be a show stopper. He already is a looker and his hind end is now at 16.2 + and the wither is almost caught up give or take an inch.  
 Bay Breeze lunges nicely and also double lunges for driving. He hasn't driven, but will be a easy one to pull a cart. I am doing in hand ground work with him (classical dressage movements).  
 Bay Breeze and I are doing walk, trot, canter & leg yielding. His knees are closed and now we can really start the work. He's not a good mover, he's a MAGNIFICENT mover. He tracks up amazing.  
 I take him off the property in the trailer and we go by ourselves in the woods and ride and he does anything I ask. He's a non spooky horse and understands everything I'm thinking or saying. He's been my back yard pet and watched horses come and go and he knows the deal and now it's his turn.  
 This is the foundation for greatness . .  
 Bay Breeze Ties, blankets, clips, vacuums, loads, follows you without any lead, is a well put together stocky dude. He has solid legs (warmblood legs). He has PERFECTO feet and does not need shoes. 
 Bay Breeze is a quiet, competitive spectacular horse. He will clean up in dressage just on his movement (thanks to the Friesian Sire “Abe Von Reh”). He will be able to event, fox hunt, show and be your best friend. He's my best friend and I love him. Bay Breeze loves kids, dogs and will stand next to the horses getting groomed and let you know he wants to be groomed. He also loves the hose and will let you know when he wants a bath. He's very very smart. He will lift up chains on fences to try to open them himself. He will lift up the water spickets and flood my place, so I have to lock them. He watches everything I do and I know he's learned so much from just watching. 
 Bay Breeze is now turning 3. So, why is he coming so far at such a young age. Quite frankly, I've been working with him since he's a baby. While riding other horses, I couldn't keep him in the fence as he kept jumping out to be with us, literally galloping up to ride alongside us while I exercised and trained another horse. I just let him stay with me (free, no lines) and as I worked, he was basically on top of us following along. Then, I got a better fence and kept him in! I have been patiently waiting for this horse to grow in mind/age/body so I can get on him and do my thing with him. I knew he would be a piece of cake, and he was. This is trust. By the time he hits his 3rd birthday, he will be as smart and advanced in the mind as a 5 yr old trained horse. He will be gently ridden and trained with positive love and reinforcement as he's always been used to. This will be the best horse I've ever trained. Bay Breeze will available for sale at age 3. If you are interested in him and his progress and want to be the one I call first when he's worth you coming to sit on him and ride him, call me or send me an email. You will not find a horse like this one. I've done my research before buying this horse. His looks will match his training.





We celebrated Madison's 6th birthday on Sunday and entered her in her first 3'9-4' jumper class which she WON! :-D
So far she has also won 3 out of 4 Training Level events so I am thinking of moving her up to Preliminary this fall. So as you can see - she is still doing outstanding! :)

Liene Powell



Hi Caroline!

Just wanted to send you another update on Fawkes.
He's been doing fantastic, we just got back from our first summer show last weekend
and he was marvelous as usual! He's such an old pro at horse shows and he's only
been to a hand full. We did the 2'6" - 2'9" jumpers and the 3'0" - 3'3" jumpers and
he was a dream. I officially graduated him from the 2'6" classes because he just packed
me around. Oh and Mr. Fawkes celebrated his 5th birthday this month, so of course
he got lots of carrots and a fancy new saddle pad with his show name on it.
I string tested him the other day and it looks like he is gonna top out around 17.0 - 17.1 hh
He's 16.3 right now and lookin pretty leggy still.
Here are a few new pictures of him schooling at the show.
Hope all is well at the farm,



Dear Caroline,
Damascus arrived yesterday, and we couldn't be happier.  As you know, I bought him
'sight unseen' or at least, only seen in the photos and video on your website, and
even they did not fully do him justice.  As an attorney I knew the risk of buying a
horse this way, but was willing to take a chance based on instinct about him which
was reassured by your professionalism throughout our transaction.  He is everything
you said, and more -- in fact, you may underestimate how good you are at not only
picking the right breeding but in raising your horses to be curious, confident and
playful, yet have proper respect for human handling.  

The shippers said they barely even knew they had a horse for the 900 miles.  It was
his first trailer ride, yet he was happy to just eat, drink and look out the window
the whole way, almost 24 hours of driving.  He came off the trailer like a
gentleman.  He was comfortable enough to roll in the arena about ten feet from us,
within half an hour of arriving.  He quickly made friends with the other Friesian on
the property.  He has beautiful conformation, gaits and presence.  He was mannerly
in the paddock as well as in his stall.  In short, he is everything we hoped for and
more.  My daughter has already bonded with him, and found "the spots" where he loves
to get scratches. 

I really appreciate the way you handled this matter, you kept your word and were
honest in every respect, and I like the way you care for your horses.  Our shipper
said your farm is very nice, well organized and clean, too.  In short, I'd recommend
you in a heartbeat to anyone looking for a Friesian cross (actually I already have--
you may be getting a call!)  If I am ever in the market again, I won't hesitate to
buy another horse from you.  Of course I will keep you posted on his progress with
us, and send pictures... and if you are ever in New York, know that you are more
than welcome to visit. 
Thanks again,

10-11-09 Update
Hi Caroline,

Just wanted to let you know that shortly after I got him home, Damascus became a
barn favorite, and he is doing wonderfully.  He is such a love.  I bought gates for
the stalls for my horses so they could stick their heads out and be social, and
Damascus has everyone entranced.  One of the other boarders who has three horses of
her own is in love with him and feels as I do that he is an old soul in a young
horse body.  He is so confident, often lying down in his stall, that it got us
nervous at first until we realized it is just how calm and happy he is.  

He is growing, growing, growing -- when I brought him home in May, he was about 14.2
hh all around.  Just a few months later already his croup is about 15.3 and his
withers 15.1+ and he seems to get bigger every day.  Based upon his cannon bones I
am thinking he will finish off about 16.2 hh.  No matter his size, though, we will
love him. 

We are long-lining him at present, and for him wearing a light saddle is a
non-event.  He has good knowledge of voice commands and lunges w/t/c without 
issues.  He is loving our new barn (we moved) in terms of the turnout; he is on
grass all day until his stall and he canters around, partly level and partly uphill,
which is great for his development.  He is an absolutely gorgeous, well-mannered,
loving, intelligent and awesome all-around horse.  We are going to go slow breaking
him, but next year I will send you videos showing him starting under saddle very
lightly (mostly to feel weight on his back and deal with that, but not for any
length of time.) 

The only trouble we are having with him at all is that he and my appy mare (also 2
and a half) are so bonded at the hip that we have to work more on separating them. 
They adore each other. 

Thank you again for an incredibly nice horse.  I'll send photos as soon as I can. 


If you are looking for a private boarding facility or a place to leave your horse while deployed without worries, then check out Elysium Farm.  The stalls are spacious, even for my 16.1 hand Quarter horse.  The board includes high quality feed, stall cleaning, and turnout, all at a fair price.  Plus if you need extras like blanketing in the winter, your horse will be taken care of.  The best part of Elysium Farm, besides the friendly atmosphere, is the riding ring.  The riding ring has excellent footing and you never have to worry about muddy conditions when it rains or uneven footing.  Also if you are looking for expert riding instruction, it is available at a reasonable rate, either on your own horse or with their calm, gentle lesson horses.  Elysium Farm is definitely worth checking out and considering for your horse boarding needs.


-  Fawn M Kovach, KY


Yes, we have been spoiling Madison a lot :-D , but at the same time - I require performance from her.

I first met Madison in the summer of 2007.  At the time she was untrained 3-year old. I trained the horse for the owner for several months and then decided to buy her... It was an odd decision because I am a horse trainer and I was looking for a performance horse whom I could take HIGH up the levels... Madison definitely did not fit the profile at the time. But there was just something about her that made me fall in love.... and here I was with this big fat horse who never wanted to move! :-) We have had several bad falls because she did not pick up her feet properly (too lazy), so my husband gave her a nickname Madison Lazy Feet! :-) But I kept loving her and working with her... And just 6 mos later, in Febuary of 2008, we went to our first jumper show and showed at 3' placing 3rd.  :-)

Madison has come a long way and is doing awesome! She is so powerful that it is really easy to forget that she is just 5 years old. It has been only a year and a half since she is under saddle and right now I am showing training level eventing (have schooled Preliminary courses with ease) and I do Level 4 (3'9) jumpers. We are constantly in the ribbons. I have jumped 4'3 under saddle with her at home and 5' free jumping - again, I have to remind myself all the time that she is just 5! I also go to occasional dressage shows (1st level) but neither Madison nor I really enjoy it. We love jumping! :) Actually, all the Madison's turnouts have an extra set of wiring on top because she jumps out of her turnouts :). And I have to free jump her on a lunge line because if she is set free in the arena, she will jump out of it, even if the fence is over 5' high (she has done it several times!). I have had tons of offers at the shows from potential buyers but she is a keeper! :) I couldn't imagine my life without her greeting me with her neigh EVERY morning or rubbing her nose before leaving the barn after work at night. :)

I noticed that Madison's mom passed away in 2007. That's sad... But I am happy that your farm still keeps working and is producing such nice babies. I would like to know how Madison's sisters and brothers are doing too.

The added pictures are of Madison 4-5y old. If you post them on your website please credit Reitsport Photography.

Thank you,
Liene Powell

Below are pictures of "Madison of Elysium" Taken by Reitsport Photography



Hi Caroline,

    I would like the thank you for my purchase of "Myst Of Elysium".  She is everything I hoped for and much more.  As you know I have been showing Arabian horses for the last 20 years and decided to switch disciplines.
I have a half Arabian for the arab dressage but wanted to purchase a  horse that would be more competitive in the ADA dressage.  I am pretty sure I have accomplished this with Myst.  She is exceptional and her movement is breathtaking.  I knew she was going to be special when the pictures I had sent to a friend, had been forwarded on to the parents of a coworker who had taken her own life.  The parents were so moved by the pictures of Myst. They thought she looked like an angel horse their daughter would have loved.  They blew up the pictures and showed them at her funeral.  Myst has the personality of an old soul.  She is calm, patient and thinking.  The first time I decided to take her for a trailer ride with my half Arabian, I had Myst tied to the wash-rack while I was loading my other mare.  I turned around and patiently waiting at the edge of the trailer was Myst, (she had untied herself and walked over to the trailer) before I had time to grab her lead rope she jumped on in and went straight for the hay holder.  The look on her face was, your not leaving without me this time. I was pleasantly surprised and needless to say she trailers like a pro.  I have had two different trainer/friends look at her and they LOVE her.  I can't tell you how happy I am that I bought her.  She makes me smile every time I look at her.  I do believe she is an angel horse and I feel lucky to own her.  You have been wonderful to do business with, you made me feel like I was the only person who you have sold a horse to. You called and updated me on everything.  Your ethics in business are far and few between in today's world.  I believe all horse breeders could learn a thing or two from you.  You put your passion into your horses and breeding, Myst is a fine example of that.  If I ever purchase another horse (hubby says two is enough) I will be calling.   Once again thank you from the bottom of my heart and God Bless!
Ann-Marie Crookham
aka: Dolly



Subject: Solis of Elysium
Solis was bred to a Friesian in May for 3/4 Friesian due in April!!!
What a beautiful elegant horse she has become!!  I Love her
so much.  Everywhere we go, she draws a crowd.  We are back in NC now and
there are very few people around here who have ever seen such an animal.
My vet has brought several people to my farm to look at her.  My 5 year
old can walk up to her and she puts her head down in the middle of his
chest and just begs to be petted.  Thank you so much for this wonderful
family friend.
What they say about the Friesian is true...  What you breed in, you don't
have to train in...  Thanks Again,

 Teresa Quinn


Hey Caroline!
 I just wanted to let you know everything is going GREAT! Here is a
picture of Nera with her pasture buddy Dancer. My camera has water
in it or something so I have to get it fixed before I can take any
pictures that do Nera justice. I can not believe how big she is! Dancer
is 15.2 hands and they are about the same size! Everyone is SO impressed with her!
The way she just walked off the trailer when she was delivered
to the way she just stood for her booster shots! She is so calm and
relaxed for a weanling. She is smart and watches everything and learns
so quickly!  My trainer LOVES her and can not wait to take her to a
SHOW! (:   Erin said her movement is amazing and I have to admit it
takes your breath away. She is everything I wished for and more! Thank
you so much!!!! Beautiful, kind, smart and moves like a dream!!
WOW! You can not ask for more! I really liked the experience of buying
in utero because I really felt like a part of the pregnancy. Waiting
for the baby and wondering what he/she would be like and when she
finally came it was so exciting! When I saw the pictures, I felt like I
was there. It is so special to have pictures from the birth, thank you!
Thank you for such a great girl!
You are the BEST!! Please use my email if you need a reference.
Elizabeth Skeie
Hey caroline,

Just wanted to let you know what an amazing horse Emmy is!  
We love her. I can't tell you how refreshing our buying experience was - you were so honest up front... and you set expectations over the phone - which made our decision very easy when we saw her in person.  Emmy was everything you said she would be - and MUCH MUCH MORE!!!

If you have any customers that would like a referral... please feel free to give them my email address.
thanks again.
Desiree Thayer
Dear Caroline,
I want to thank you for the wonderful filly (Dominika!!) that I purchased from you.  I have never dealt with a yearling before, and was a little afraid when I bought her.  Everyone I told, that I was getting a yearling, tried to talk me out of it.  But, to my joy, she is as gentle, and kind, as she is gorgeous.  She is sensible, and just a pleasure to be around.
I would buy a horse from you again in a heartbeat.  I honestly mean that.  You produce great horses.  It was fun to meet you, and see your farm.
Sincerely, Andrea Riepe


I just wanted to thank-you for our Beautiful Girl "GALADRIEL" she is coming along nicely. She now Rides and is Driving Double. She is still a little nervous about Driving Single. I do appreciate your honesty over the phone and email as buying over the internet can be a little scary. She was what you said she was. She is really nice to work with. You can use me as a reference anytime. Thanks again,
Shellly & Mike McCormick
Dear Caroline:
Thanks very much for selling me your nice horses, specially Boleros half Friesian and half Percheron, in my professional career as Gold Medal Winner in Three Day Event in South America Games, and as former Head  Trainer of Lipizzans Horse Show, with over 50 years of training all kind of breed  I never had an intelligent horse, friendly, intelligent learning in easy way and  responding requirements from the trainer; great mover and very elastic, I have the best hope, as my future Grand Prix   Dressage horse at International level.
I will like to recommended any buyer for the perfect Dressage horse at International levels, the Friesian crosses horses are the best. Good luck if you are looking forward to buy a Dressage horse, in case you need reference from me or if you like to visit my Dressage Training Center in Ocala Fl. please call me at 352-288-8100   
Very sincerely yours
Carlos Mancero


Just a note to say how happy I am with Audrey! I have to say I was more than a little nervous about buying over the Internet knowing I wouldn't have the opportunity to visit in person. But, Audrey's pictures were impressive and she was just what I'd been looking for. When I saw Audrey for the first time she was much more than I'd expected. Her pictures didn't do her justice. She is settling in just fine and I'm looking forward to years of fun with her. Thanks so much!
You were so easy to work with and certainly went the extra mile for me.  And the photo album made just for me with pictures of Audrey, her shot records, daily care information, and other helpful info is much appreciated - a very nice touch!
Please feel free to post this on your website and you can use me as a reference - I'd be happy to answer any e-mails from prospective buyers.
Thanks again - and I'll keep you posted on what Audrey and I are doing,
Becky Volaski


Hi Caroline!
I just wanted to say thank you so much for your help with our purchase of Fawke.
He is an absolute dream! From the first time I saw him on your website I thought "wow I would love to own that horse" and now he's grazing in my pasture!
You helped make the potentially stressful experience of buying "sight unseen" a very pleasant one, and the personalized photo album is wonderful :]
I look forward to many successful years with my new boy and will keep you updated on his progress. I can't wait to get him in the show ring!
also- you are more than welcome to use me as a reference, if someone would like to talk to me about my buying experience.
Jesse Hernandez

Up date as of 10-19-07


Hey caroline,
Just updating you on Fawke's progress.
He's been taking leaps and bounds since his 30 days professional training.
I had a dressage lesson on him the other evening and my mom took some
My trainer couldn't say enough about how well he was using himself.
Fawkes also went to his first hunter pace last month. He was leading older
more experienced horses through ditches and streams. Nothing phased him. Not even cantering with 7 other horses in the huge open fields.
I'm holding off on his jumping training till he is atleast 4 1/2 but I plan
on taking him to some local dressage and hunter shows by december.
Oh and did I mention that one of his favorite things is to have his ears
clipped? he just loves it...go figure!
~ Jesse

Below are pictures of Fawkes





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